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birthday 1 year, varm studios


On Saturday vārm is online for one year.

Doesn't sound like much, but especially the first year is the hardest, so we have to celebrate it properly!
We have experienced so much and met so many of you - we want more! We are always working to get better and understand how we can make the fashion market more sustainable as fast as possible.

With your help, we can make it through another year (and more). We appreciate every feedback, every order, every vārm product we discover on the street (yes, we've already discovered some! Among the most beautiful moments in our lives!).

Let's fight together as a big team against fast fashion and the big corporations and put quality, short supply routes and natural materials back on the agenda.

As a big THANK YOU, all "vārm words" subscribers will receive a special by mail. So don't waste any time and sign up for our newsletter (where you also get 10% off everything for your first order)!

THANK YOU, your Pauline




Hear us on



I have an episode with Sophie Valentin for her podcast ”Photography for sustainable brands" recorded.

In it you can hear us talking about the following topics:

  • Why I started vārm even though I never wanted to start a label

  • What bothers me about the fashion industry

  • Why I chose a sustainable label

  • Why imagery is so important to us

  • What makes vārm special

  • What our future looks like

The episode is now available to listen to for free at the following link:


varm studios, team sweat, podcast episode "Fotografie für nachhaltige Marken"