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Our mission - to be an all-inclusive fair and environmentally friendly brand that excludes no one and meets the following criteria:

1 Production

Our collections are exclusively produced by GOTS certified suppliers in Europe. This saves an enormous amount of CO2, which is mainly emitted by delivery routes around the world.

2 Transparency

We call our producers by name and show transparently through photos and documentation of the factory visits who works where for us.

3 Materials

All the materials we work with are natural. In order to offer the highest possible and most durable quality, we use 0% polyester. When we do use animal fibres, we only use recycled ones so that no animals have to be kept for us. The labelling of our products is made of organic cotton, printed with a sustainable process. All ingredients such as thread or buttons are made from natural materials and are 100% biodegradable.

4 Shipping & Packaging

We do not use plastic. Our boxes and shipping bags are 100% biodegradable and shipping is climate neutral. The hangtags of our products are small and made of compostable seed paper from which wild flowers germinate - the bees are pleased! 

5 Diversity

Our collection is available in up to 8 sizes and is designed to be gender inclusive. It is important to us that we represent all body shapes, genders and ethnicities and exclude no one.

6 Design

Our goal is that our products have a maximum lifespan. In addition to the high quality of the materials, timeless and over-seasonal design is essential for this. Our claim is that our products survive generations and function as firm companions for life.


 varm studios, Founder, sustainable fashion label, Pauline Luise Giere

vārm is motivated by frustration with the fashion industry.

Of course, love of the craft and fascination with communication in the form of fashion also play a role.

However, I have mainly been allowed to gather anger and frustration over the years. I use "allowed" as a word for this because vārm would not exist without these emotions. My fashion design studies and the jobs that followed have shown me that the glitz & glamour that the fashion industry presents to the outside world is only the thin surface of an unfair, dishonest and wasteful industry.

Why does it have to be this way? Why should I bow to it by going along with it or even giving up? 

I don't want to continue to trick customers with greenwashing or turn a blind eye to precarious supply routes under a different company management. Nor should employees be treated disrespectfully within the company and the industry, nor should ideals of beauty exclude people. I am looking for a way to collect the good sides of the fashion industry and exclude the bad sides. We are a label that went online in a very short time to be as loud as possible, as fast as possible.

And we value every single person who is willing to support us on this path and be part of the team.

- Pauline Luise Giere

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