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vārm is a fashion community driven by a highly sustainable mind

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vārm is working for a world that dresses great and lives sustainable values. We want a community that takes care of itself and its environment. Our contribution to this? We enable thoughtful designs away from seasonal trends in high quality. On the way to a garment that meets our requirements, we want to show you all production steps without compromise and take you along on the way to an entirely sustainable garment.


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You surely have heard about the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment and human rights. It's hard to bear what is going completely wrong, from high CO₂ emissions to starvation wages. We want to influence the fashion industry in a positive way. With us, you can find out transparently where and by whom our collection was produced and why our chosen materials are sustainable. To ensure this transparency, we regularly travel to our production partners in the EU and document this photographically.