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new store in Hamburg

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We are so excited to finally be able to announce that we have opened our first shop! Together with our friends from Faible & Failure, we are moving into an area in the Hanseviertel-Passage in Hamburg, where you can now personally touch and try on our products and pick up your orders on site. This not only saves CO2, but also money.


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designed in Hamburg, made in the eu

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We are very proud of our production. We work with fabulous suppliers who produce our designs sustainably, innovatively and carefully. All our producers have multiple certifications, including the GOTS label. This assures us of a strictly controlled, fair and sustainable supply chain. However, as this is not enough for us, we ensure through our personal visits that the appearance is not deceptive and that our strict production criteria are respected. We list our suppliers by name and show you who works for us and where through photo documentation of our visits in the factories.

  1. The Fashion Council Germany membership promotes fashion in Germany by organising events and supporting serious fashion labels. Our brand is proud to be a member, benefiting from this important network.
  2. Featured in Geheimtipp Hamburg, the go-to guide for discovering the best local hotspots. Check out our brand's top picks for sustainable fashion and eco-friendly lifestyle choices.
  3. We feature on Mit Vergnügen Hamburg, a popular online platform for events, culture, and lifestyle in Hamburg. Learn more about our sustainable fashion and how we're making a positive impact on the environment.
  4. Image showcasing our successful Instagram takeover of TextilWirtschaft, spreading our brand message and values to new fashion industry audiences.